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We know that, for small businesses, managing the company’s finances can be an unwelcome distraction, although a necessary one so you can understand where your business is going.

That’s where we can help. We can advise on all aspects of accounting, from book-keeping to improvements in systems and controls, allowing you to focus on developing and marketing your business.

We can provide all aspects of your accounting, from book-keeping, through to production of management accounts and Board reporting.  We can help you with, or prepare with you, budgets and cash-flow forecasts for future years.

We’ve employed Geraldine of Sloan Accountants as our finance subcontractor for over a decade.  With her work ethic and cheerful approach, she has been a key member of our team. We have found her, and her team, responsive to deadlines whether it is something vital, but run of the mill, like preparing expense claims, or something as critical as drafting our annual Financial Statements.  Our business is a multinational one with a far flung team, but Sloan Accountants have kept pace with changing regulations, fluctuating currency and the vagaries of differing approaches to settling invoices.

MD, Virtual Reality Company (£10m turnover)

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